A personal rant on car parking

Shopping and Car Parking Spaces

I thought it would be a simple enough task to pop to Tesco to pick up some bread and formula.  However, forgetting that it was a Saturday at nearly lunchtime (having a baby really makes you forget what day it is!) it was so busy and I struggled to find a Mother and Baby parking space.  This is only the tip of the iceberg for this post.

Since becoming a mummy I have really noticed that there are hardly any if none at all Mother and Baby parking spaces at Waitrose/Tesco/M&S etc.  The parking in Henley-on-Thames is awful (this is where I spend a lot of my days), it’s busy, and there are NO Mother and Baby spaces.  However, there are many disabled parking spaces, and as much as I know these are just as important, I don’t think there should be quite so many in EVERY car park everywhere, I think the spaces should at least be split and shared.  I have noticed over the last 5 weeks that there are a lot more mummies that go out shopping than disabled people and there are ALWAYS lots of disabled spaces available yet there are lots of mums I see struggling to get children and babies out of car seats, especially those with young babies who need to stay in their car seat.  I don’t want to you to feel like I’m bashing the disabled, as I know people close to me who are disabled and need these spaces.

Anyway, back to my Tesco trip.  Finding a trolley was an absolute nightmare.  This being my first trip to a supermarket since having Bertie (he was 3 weeks at this point) I didn’t know if I should take him in the car seat or take him out and put him in one of those special baby trolleys. I decided on the baby trolley and made my way to the trolley station, only to find that there were no acceptable trolleys available. One had a seat covered in dirt and the other 2 the wheels were broken.  There were another set of trolleys but they were behind a whole bunch of other trolleys and with a baby in one arm and my changing bag in the other. I couldn’t get to them so I decided to just struggle with a basket.  Well I walked in and on the 2nd Item I just gave up, it was so busy and people were not considerate and felt like they got in my way.  I dumped the basket and walked out.

As I get back to the car and try to get Bertie in his car seat I notice a mini swerve in, in a Mother and Baby space in front of me and swiftly get out the car, WITHOUT a baby or child. Well, this just peed me right off and I actually said something to them (I’m not usually this outspoken to strangers.  The conversation went a little like this;

Me:  Do you know you have parked in a Mother and Baby parking space?

Man: Yes! (rather arrogantly)

Me:  Well, it’s very inconsiderate and lazy taking a space that is meant for a mother and baby! (I still had Bertie in my arms) I raised him up in front of the couple  (A bit like that part in Lion King) and said it’s very difficult getting a baby in and out of a car when parked in a normal space without denting or scratching the next car when they are parked so close together.

Man: I don’t care

— He then started walking off, I reached out to his girlfriend.

Me:  You just wait till you have a baby and you have to struggle in a normal parking space because some lazy person decided to take a mother and baby space!

Well, this must have worked as they got back in the car and and moved! I couldn’t believe what happened, I had never done or said anything like that before.  The conversation was a bit more “loud” and probably a little ruder than what I have described, we may have said more in the heat of the moment.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think I have gone over the top?


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